As your talent assessment expert, HR consultant, executive recruiter, we diagnose, transform, energize leaders, teams, and organizations.

TEP.GLOBAL (“TEP”), a/k/a “The Energy Paradigm”, offers human-centric and paradigm-shifting talent assessment and HR consulting services that have transformed and energized leaders, people, organizations, and company cultures.

Based on multi-disciplinary, diverse, and in-depth studies, the founder of TEP, “Dr. Vic”,  has developed a unique, comprehensive, and refreshingly new approach to transform and energize people and organizations, with astounding results:

From the old:

TEP breaks through rigid, outdated, unhealthy and inhuman “pressure cooker” workplace paradigms to liberate organizations from friction-inducing situations, such as “internal cannibalism,” destructive office politics, resigned workforce, and deteriorating bottom line.

To the new:

TEP energizes and revitalizes the positive forces within an organization, resulting in cohesive teams, aligned leadership, and an engaged workforce. By transforming stagnation to growth –

From friction to flow:

TEP promises increased innovation, productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, long term growth – and happy people.

Some of the Corporations We've Served

TEP specializes in executive assessment, talent acquisition, and talent strategy in industries & services such as:

  • High Tech, semiconductor, information technology, SaaS
  • Renewable energy, sustainable industries, green tech
  • Telecommunications, IT outsourcing, cloud computing
  • Industrial services, machinery, automotive
  • Manufacturing, logistics, engineering
  • Public utilities, energy
  • Pharma, healthcare, chemical
  • Airlines, transportation
  • Food processing, ag-tech
  • All B2B, B2C services
Dr. Vic, TEP.Global's CEO offers workshops for C-suite, CEO, CHRO on human centric talent assessment, leadership assessment, talent acquisition, people skills.

TEP promises breakthroughs in:

  • Human-centric leadership,
  • Activated and energized people,
  • Harmonized organizations,
  • Healthy bottom-lines.

As your trusted advisor, coach, and organizational catalyst, we study, transform, and energize leaders, teams, employees, and organizations.


Instead of treating organizational symptoms, TEP uses a PEOPLE-CENTERED perspective and lens to directly address the root causes of inefficiencies, stagnation, and misalignment. As the initial step for delivering results - “from friction to flow”, we first feel the heartbeat of an organization, to identify friction and/or energy blockages that diminish organizational vitality.

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We transform and energize people by introducing new ways of leading, managing and teaming, to unleash dormant productivity, to restore organizational harmony, and to activate organizational energy flow, by finding resonant frequencies that enable an organization to hum and buzz productively, and thrive.

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To sustain and multiply an organization’s health and energy for further growth, TEP continues to fine tune the leadership-workforce alignment and create cohesion and positive dynamics, so things can flow smoothly, effectively, and with new momentum.

This can be a self-sustaining, prolonged cycle of positive growth.

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I'm Dr. Vic, the workplace people expert. I founded TEP which stands for Transform, Energize, People, to create human centered organizations designed for the future of work.

As technology advances, the way we work is changing. We empower leaders to take care of their human capital.

TEP Team Members

TEP.Global Dr. Vic is trained in science, technology, humanity, computer programming, business management, communication, people management, talent assessment.

Dr. Vic Founder, CEO, Chief Coach

TEP.Global has a team of top management consultants in human resources, organizational psychology, human centric new work, executive recruiting & staffing.

Danielle P. Co-founder, Consultant

TEP.Global supports CHRO, SPHR, HR consulting with leadership training, employee training, employee retention for small businesses, mid to large size companies

Mark C. Talent Expert, Senior HR

TEP.Global offers executive recruiting, human centric company culture, workforce sourcing, leadership assessment & hiring, brand strategist & employer branding.

Joanne T. Branding, Marketing, Sales

What our clients say:

“Dr. Vic, what MAGIC did you do with my people? They now act like NEW people! Like enthusiastic new hires!”

“Before Dr. Vic rescued us, the CEOs were burned out. The managers were exhausted. The employees felt stuck and were unproductive. We thought we needed to fire most of them, restructure and hire new people, but Dr. Vic said we could revive the energy by doing things differently. Boy! He did magic to my company, it is now a happy and profitable business!”

“Dr. Vic has a way of pushing the ‘good button’ in a leader, and coaches leaders to do the same to those they lead.”

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Founder & Chief Consultant "Dr. Vic"

Dr. Vic, CEO, TEP.Global, was trained by Prof. Vernon Smith (Nobel laureate in economics) for human centric organizational behavior, organizational development.

TEP was founded a decade ago by Dr. Victor Porak de Varna, fondly nicknamed by his clients as “Dr. Vic”.

Dr. Vic’s distinguished and diverse education background:

  • a Doctor’s degree in communications;
  • a Master’s degree in business;
  • a Bachelor’s degree in information and technology;
  • 3 years of training in electrical engineering and computer science, at a top tech institute;
  • Lecturer, and visiting fellow to Nobel Laureate in Behavioral Economics (Professor Vernon L. Smith).
Dr. Vic, TEP.Global's founder, coaches leaders of public European corporations with US offices, US multinational companies in Europe & private business owners.

Dr. Vic’s wide scope of work experience:

  • Talent management consulting and assessment expertise (20 + years)
  • Mentor, coach, and consultant in behavioral changes for people and organizations, applying human science and East West philosophies (10+ years)
  • Founder of a research center
  • Entrepreneurship experience in IT
Dr. Vic ,who practices Eastern & western spirituality, was invited to meet in Dharamsala in 2019 His Holiness the Dalai Lama who gave his blessings for TEP.

Dr. Vic’s other interests and talents:

  • Spiritual practice (eastern meditation and yoga (15+ years)
  • Musicianship - trained concert pianist (15 years)
  • User-centric software engineering (10+ years)
  • And other aspects of studies of humanity and human sciences