TEP Services

Talent acquisition, people management, executive assessment – TEP prepares leaders, employees, and organizations with hard skills, soft skills, & subtle skills, for people-centered mindset, heartset, & soulset.

Hard skills, Soft skills, & Subtle skills

Hard skills: Data analysis, pattern recognition, solution development & implementation
Soft skills: Emotional intelligence, human connection, communication, & collaboration
Subtle skills: Undercurrent, invisible “glue”, cultural fabric, & energy paradigm

Mindset, Heartset, & Soulset

Mindset: Put people in the center, shift the paradigm to people-centered operations with decades of experience and highest levels of education across various fields
Heartset: Ignite organizational potential, activate leaders and employees, with In-depth psychological, emotional, and mental training, insights, & practical applications
Soulset: Align individuality and humanity with the soul of an organization, through energized workforce, healthy culture, & purposeful company

Whom We Serve:

  • C-suite leaders, CHROs, HR leaders seeking people-centered solutions and forward-looking strategies;
  • Newly-acquired companies, new CEOs & boards, post M&A integration of people & culture;
  • American companies with European operations and international subsidiaries;
  • European companies with US subsidiaries, or planning to do business in the US.
With 20 years of global expertise in talent acquisition, TEP.global & Dr. Vic work with C-suite, BODs of mid to large companies, & small business owners & CEOs.

For Leaders

TEP offers 1:1 individualized advisory and support for leaders, in person, virtually, or both, with consulting, coaching, problem solving, etc.

Self Leadership

Show Up (Frequency): Charge your energy (values, beliefs, mindsets);

Step Up (Resonance): Empower with purpose and walk the talk;

Light Up (Radiance): Lead with motivation, intention, and action.

Human-centered Leadership

People-centered - a new lens for hiring, promoting, and leading people, shifting focus from the industrial age to the human age;

Setting people up for success - activate dormant energy and engage;

Lead people to thrive   vs. expect people to ‘fit in” an organization.

With 20 years of global expertise in talent acquisition, management team recruitment, TEP.global & Dr. Vic advise on team building for large & small businesses.

For Teams

On location and/or remotely, TEP works with and supports teams and employees, either as a group, or one on one.

Group dynamics diagnosis - assess team leaders, team members, group cohesion and energy levels, identify misalignment and friction;

Energize, harmonize - activate and energize people: unleash individuality, creativity, and originality in team members; change narratives and undercurrents; establish communication, understanding, rapport; align, mediate, and help team members get along and collaborate;

Transform & sustain new dynamics - uplift teams to a higher level of cohesion, productivity: boost confidence, energy, morale, resulting in ease and flow in an upward energy spiral.

We offer workshops, regular group meetings, assessments, coaching, mentoring. We deliver results!

TEP.global, its founder Dr. Vic, talent acquisition experts and HR consultants advise companies organizational development, company culture, employer branding.

For Organizations

TEP promises breakthroughs and paradigm shifts, far beyond treating symptoms, for fast growing companies, M&A integrations, and established businesses seeking to thrive.

Analyze the energy state: as a “business profiler®” and a change catalyst, TEP diagnoses and profiles both the entire organization and its leadership, departments, units, and teams; pinpoint the bottlenecks, stagnation and friction points;

Create a culture of possibility: suggest specific structural adjustments and cultural changes, to harmonize, energize, and create “flow”, resulting in healthy morale, work environment, and corporate culture (“the hum”);

Proactively guide an organization to be change-ready & future-ready: Setting the stage for an organization’s transformative changes for a healthy bottom-line, happy workforce, and future readiness.

Learn how to “TEP” yourself and your people.

“Dr. Vic, I don’t know what you did to my people, they
are now DIFFERENT, NEW people!”


TEP is on the cutting edge of human-centered leadership training, thanks to its founder’s and TEP team’s unmatched diversity of skillset, mindset, and talents.

The world is pivoting away from the 4th Industrial Revolution, to the new human-centered “Human Age” for leadership, organizations, work and life.

While routine, mechanical, repetitive work is delegated to AI and robots, we need to make a paradigm shift to activate and energize people.

“Leadership 5.0”: Five elements of leading yourself, others, and your organization

“Team 5.0”: How to leverage members for group dynamics

“Organization 5.0”: How to leverage potential for paradigm shifts in culture, energy, growth

“Talent 5.0”: How to look at people in different ways: TEP, as a master profiler, offers new ways to hire, promote, and Identify high potential leaders (using “TEP quality gate”.)


On location or remotely, we present for C-suites, boards, and task forces of businesses entities (public or private), educational institutions, and research centers. On webinars, during corporate retreats, or in conferences, we can be either a keynote speaker or on panel discussions.

TEP.Global customizes interview questions for human resources talent acquisition & leadership skills competency model that fit for each organization's staffing.

TEP specializes in executive recruiting & people management in industries & Services such as:

  • High Tech, semiconductor, information technology, SaaS
  • Renewable energy, sustainable industries, green tech
  • Telecommunications, IT outsourcing, cloud computing
  • Industrial services, machinery, automotive
  • Manufacturing, logistics, engineering
  • Public utilities, energy
  • Pharma, healthcare, chemical
  • Airlines, transportation
  • Food processing, ag-tech
  • All B2B, B2C services

Some of the Corporations We've Served