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Finally an initiative that works!  Looking for the right way to improve employee engagement and motivation throughout our organization, TEP was able to go deeper to identify and address root causes with our organization. Our employees are visibly more motivated and engaged after we retained Dr. Vic. A truly transformational initiative!.” – Bertus C, CFO.

“If your company cares about your employees, your culture, and providing the best resources for both – then you simply must work with Dr. Vic. There is absolutely no one better. Victor is not just an insanely impressive person, he is a leader not only in education but in execution. That is rare. He walks the walk. To me, he is the authority on how businesses can tap into their existing resources and change the energy and culture of their organization… the value of which is priceless to organizations.” – Nicole F, SVP.

“Dr. Vic is a game changer for interviewing and assessing people. Dr. Vic’s management and leadership assessments were out of the ordinary. They were transformative for our organization and life changing for our people. One of the best investments you can do for your organization. His insight into candidates is unmatched because he sees talent in everyone. With his ability to go deeper and truly ‘see’ people – beyond anything I have ever witnessed before – he will find a way to energize and set your people up for success. ” – Frank G, Head of Talent Acquisition.

“I don’t know what you did to my team, but they’re all like new people. We hit all of our goals last year!” – Vincent T, CEO.

Dr. Vic’s deep understanding of people’s energy is a killer combination. I consider the times we have worked together a consummate privilege. He most recently coached me 1 on 1 and helped me find a new career direction. During our recent session, his insightful and thoughtful guidance provided so much clarity for me that I was energized and inspired. ” – Noe R, VP Operation.

Dr. Vic has a way of pushing the ‘good buttons’ in leaders and coaches them to do the same to their teams.” – Larry G., COO.

“Before Dr. Vic rescued us, the CEO was burned out. The managers were exhausted. The employees felt stuck and were unproductive. We thought we needed to fire most of them, restructure and hire new people, but Dr. Vic said we could revive the energy by doing things differently. Boy! He did magic to my company, it is now a happy and profitable business!” – Lori W., CHRO.

Your coaching sessions are worth more than years of therapy. “ – Pamela V.

“I asked Dr. Vic to hire a high level executive for our American subsidiary, Dr. Vic interviewed this new American SVP, and reported back to me in French, and then to my German Subsidiary in German. – I have never experienced such a thorough feedback from anyone else. Dr. Vic painted a picture of this new executive as an entire human. Dr. Vic described his inner workings, and the road map on setting him up for success, like a ‘positive manual’. I felt like I already knew this new SVP even BEFORE he was hired.” – Jean P, CEO

Dr. Vic is a master profiler. In my 30+ years of experience, I’ve never seen anybody go as deep when assessing people.” – Matthew V, VP of Human Resources.

“I met Dr. Vic 7 years ago, when he performed my assessment for a Leadership Quality Gate interview. Dr. Vic’s assessment, in the end, stunned me – his focus on my personality, my leadership traits, my strengths and weaknesses, and my empathy – were all spot on. I had never met this person before, and he knew more about me than I had even wanted to admit to. His assessment changed my life – not just my career, by landing the job, but it gave me affirmation of what I thought about myself – that I had the ability to be a manager, a leader in a great company.” – John J, Manager at a Fortune 500 company.

By far the most valuable project I had brought to our organization!” – Tyler G, VPHR.

TEP’s ‘Positive Energy’ brand delivers exactly what many companies need – to transform employees from self-protecting and limited mindset to an engaged, energized, collaborative, and inclusive workforce. Dr. Vic led my company’s ‘Changing Culture’ workshop. The tools that Dr. Vic gave all of us not only changed our attitudes about how we could be happier and more engaged at work, but also generated ideas about how to understand what motivates each person differently.” – Wendy S., Head of Organizational Development.

“The strength of Dr. Vic’s message comes from his delivery – he is very open, funny, and personal, and his dialogue is clever and inviting; his message is thought-provoking and helps promote staff enthusiasm, increase morale, and strengthen the relationships between our top managers and the rest of the staff.” – Adam T, Manager..

“Dr. Vic supported our fast growing US operations for 7 years, with assessing, selecting, and hiring more than 100 managers, executives, and specialists at the newly opened 4 manufacturing plants and the headquarters, employing over 4000 people nationally in the US.” – Mark D, Head of Talent Management.

“As the senior leader responsible for driving the Human Capital efforts in the USA manufacturing group, I relied on Dr. Vic’s counsel and expertise. Dr. Vic is an experienced, flexible, and innovative resource helping companies to drive Leadership effectiveness, Mentoring, and Developmental strategies, to be an industry leading and world class. I highly recommend Dr. Vic and thank him for his partnership and friendship during critical times.” – Kevin C, Chief People Officer, Senior Human Resource Leader.

“My experience hearing Victor Porak de Varna speak was transporting, as I listened to a wise man of the heart point the way to a path of thriving in business that transcends business itself, and includes the engine of human potential that creates new worlds.” – Kathleen H, Author & Coach.

“Dr. Vic is the real deal when it comes to organizational and personal transformation” – Kenton H, Managing Partner, a law firm.

“TEP helped me discover and harness my talent, power and potential. Victor and Danielle created my ‘energy profile’ with impressive precision. Their insight helped me understand what’s right for me so I can be ready for the future and set myself up for success in a world totally dominated by males.” – Jacqueline S., IT Government Contractor.

“Victor is a knowledgeable, passionate and articulate advocate for the power of channeling the positive energy and talent in people and teams in the workplace. His speaking style is an engaging combination of intellect, logic, story and heart! A delight.” – Amelia W, CEO.

“Victor captivated the room with his deep understanding of workforce issues in Corporate America and his commitment to help solve them. His insights and his work provide paradigm-shifting tools that can change the way we do business today.” – Carolyn P, CEO.

“Victor Porak de Varna speaks with worldly energy as he shares his universal message, connects from his heart, and inspires his audience to join him there.” – Jani M, Coach.

“Victor’s story combined with his expertise makes for an entertaining, impactful and educational experience.” – Amy Jo M, NY Times Bestselling Author.

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