TEP Processes

Leadership Competencies, Company Culture, Employee Engagement – TEP customizes services to your unique needs, environments, and situations.

We are different from all other “management consultants”.

TEP’s own ORIGINAL methodology has turned
around many companies.

Diagnose – We identify negative or counterproductive dynamics, visible or hidden, that hinder the healthy growth of leaders, teams, and organizations.
Transform – We offer energetic interventions for organizations. We balance, strengthen, and harmonize both individual and collective vitality.
Energize – We reset organizational energy that underpins, defines, and determines the outcomes.



With interviews, Q&A, questionnaires, observations, and assessments, Dr. Vic and the TEP Team tune in to the pulses of organizations, pinpointing the disconnects, frictions, stagnations, inefficiencies, and misalignments.

Identifying what is holding back growth, or undermining an organization’s health leads to treating the corporate “patients” and restoring healthy momentum. This is the crucial first step for transforming energy blockages both in people, leadership, and the organization, from friction to flow.

Dr. Vic is a highly sought expert in diagnosing organizational ailments, thanks to his broad and in depth multidimensional talents, skills, and interdisciplinary educational background.

With about 25 years of combined experience, his assessment accuracy rate is near 99.6%.



TEP does not view an organization as a mere mechanical structure, but as a living entity consisting of various undercurrents and moving forces that need to be harmonized and aligned towards its vision and purpose.

TEP does not promise any “quick fixes”, but a sure pathway that allows leaders, people, and their organizations to get unstuck and move forward, from friction to flow.

Instead of the usual “prescriptions, remedies, even surgeries” offered by most other coaches and business consultants, TEP, as a “healing master”, goes underneath the symptoms, to address the root causes where true change takes place. TEP focuses on both the individual leader, and their entire organization at the same time.



As your long-term partner for leadership and organizational growth, we continue our work to keep you on track, to build healthy habits after diagnosis and transformation.

To avoid relapses we leaders like “personal trainers”, as well as teams and companies. We hold them accountable to continue strengthening their “muscles” and mindsets for delivering results, profits, and happiness.

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