Executive recruiters, people management consultants at TEP offer you a buffet of expertise:

  • Talent Management
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Business Coaching
  • HR Consulting, OD
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Company Culture
  • Brand Strategist, Employer Branding
  • Fixed Mindset to Growth Mindset Transformation and more…

TEP Team Members


Co-founder, Advisor for Organizational Health and Psychology (MEd) Master Degree in Education, (PhDc) Ph.D candidate

With her deep understanding of East West psychology, human potential, augmented human consciousness and capabilities, Danielle offers transformational healing and a wide variety of applied energetic modalities to restore organizational vitality and well-being.


Talent Expert & Coach, Senior HR Consultant CHRO, SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources)

Mark brings decades of expertise in talent recruiting and retention, organizational transformation as CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) and Head of HR. An HR executive with extensive global HR leadership experience across Asia, Europe and the Americas, Mark is a true expert in building people-centered organizations as a trusted advisor and HR and talent innovator.


Brand Strategist, Employer Branding, Communication, Company Culture JD (Juris Doctor)

Joanne is a global brand strategist, brand builder and marketer for organizations and leaders. She specializes in company culture, employer branding, and brand messaging. She is an expert in aligning strategies with narratives, changing internal and external communications, product-market-fit research and go to market analysis – all in sync with TEP’s work for energizing companies.

Founder & Chief Consultant "Dr. Vic"

Dr. Vic (Dr. Victor Porak de Varna) is a pioneer & thought leader in executive recruiting, human potential, workplace support & cohesion, organizational energy.

Dr. Vic

CEO, Executive Recruiter | People Management, Talent Management, People Centered Workforce Consultant | Business Profiler®

Ph.D – Communications; MBA

Dr. Vic (Dr. Victor Porak de Varna) is a pioneer and thought leader in the fields of human potential, business energetics, workplace support & cohesion, and organizational energy. With decades of research, hands-on work and consultation across Europe and the Americas, Dr. Vic creates deep transformation to people, culture, and organizations.

Dr. Vic’s five-facet experiences, education, and talents, both broad-scoped and in-depth, are summarized into “hardware” and “software”.

“I’m extremely blessed to be associated with the world’s best in both “hardware” and “software”, such as Nobel Laureate in Economics, Professor Vernon L. Smith, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama”, says Dr. Vic.


1. Human Capital & Talent Management
2. Academic & Research
3. Information Technology & Engineering


4. East and West Humanology & Spirituality
5. Musicianship & Other Interests


(1) Human Capital & Talent Management Consulting

  • Talent Management: 20+ years in Washington DC, Denver, and Switzerland, at Center for Leadership and Human Resources Management, and a globally operating Swedish Human Capital Consulting Group (“Mercuri Urval”), HR, talent acquisition & management, competency model design, development, & implementation;
  • Talent Assessment: Customize talent assessments, psychometrics, competency model development & implementation; consult, coach, train executives, HR, team leaders; carry out on their behalf hiring, promoting, team building, and employee training & motivation work;
  • Talent Acquisition: Consultant for multinational corporations, hire entire management team members in Europe and in the US for their subsidiaries; lead interviews, report to international headquarters (sometimes in German and French when needed);
  • Organizational Development: Improve organizational effectiveness, address and solve people challenges, build capacity and company culture, optimize performance and structure; effectuate corporate communication;
  • Competency models – customize, design & implement:
    • Customize competency models and support the entire hiring and promotion process, to recruit, sort, vet, and hire candidates. Apply research methodology for each organization to recruit, evaluate, train people.
    • Create a unified talent management communication tool, unique to each organization, that enables leadership and management to share their communication about their talents and people.
    • Train executives, upper management, HR directors, SVP, and C-suites how to use the models, and how to implement their unified talent management tools in reviews and all aspects of hiring, promotions, training, assessing people;
  • Future Readiness: Prepare businesses for growth, future expansion, and changes, help teams and organizations adjust to new paradigm shifts and people-centered leadership.

(2) Academic & Research

Founded CFC research center (“Center for Financial Communications”) and lectured at University of St. Gallen (“UNISG”), published 21 publications in information and communication management, and mentored doctoral students.

At the invitation of Prof. Vernon Smith (Nobel Laureate for Economics, ) Dr. Vic collaborated with Prof. Smith in 2005, which inspired Dr. Vic to prioritize humans as assets instead of as resources or liabilities.

Applied academic competency modeling to corporate model development and simulation, to address the dynamics of human and organizational systems.

(3) Information Technology & Engineering:

Studied electrical engineering and computer science for three years, learned computer assembly, programming, and software development.

Skilled at dissecting problems into smaller pieces, problem solving, and understanding of engineering, logic, information and technology management. Developed databases and user interfaces as a freelance IT Consultant.

A passion for wood and metal work since childhood, which translates into repairing organizations, leaders, and teams as the “inner architect”.


(4) East and West Humanology & Spirituality

  • Raised in Jesuit and Benedictine monastery boarding schools, Dr. Vic learned from age 10 about meditative power and spirituality.
  • As a descendant of an ancient Knighthood dating back to 1444, Dr. Vic inherited and adopted various cultural traits such as “German engineering, Swiss precision, Austrian playfulness, French artistry, fascination with the Eastern philosophies, combined with the American drive for freedom”, says Dr. Vic.
  • Yoga & meditation teacher – Certified Kundalini as well as Kriya yoga & meditation teacher, Dr. Vic was first exposed to master yogi in India in his 20s, and has been practicing and teaching this Eastern philosophy of body-mind-spirit meditation.
  • Special connection with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, who invited Dr. Vic to a meeting in Dharamsala in 2019 where he gave his blessings for TEP.

(5) Musicianship & Other Interests

  • In his youth, Dr. Vic was a trained classical concert pianist, invited as one of 40 applicants worldwide to a piano masterclass at the Moscow Conservatory.
  • Martial artist: Trained in various forms of martial arts such as Shotokan Karate, Aiki-Bujutsu, Iai-Jutsu and Ju-Jitsu, which all have a meditative mind-body-spirit component.
  • Pilot: Private pilot with instrument rating with commercial pilot’s license. “The sky is not the limit! Go beyond!” says Dr. Vic.
  • Other talents: Intuitive art of relating to people, combining the Eastern alchemist systems to Western ways of thinking, etc.

My Whys

My Whys - from TEP’s founder “Dr. Vic”

This work is my calling: To develop a human-centered workplace is how I fulfill my life’s purpose and my soul’s contract.

With the founding of TEP, all of my life experiences, gifts, and education (business consultative, academic, humanistic, technological, innovative, artistic, and spiritual), have been integrated into one holistic approach to help activate and energize people, who will then transform their organizations and the world.

There’s so much dormant energy and unused potential in people and organizations.

Let’s create a positive cycle, where people want to come to work because it makes them feel whole, and at the end of the day they bring that positive energy home to loved ones. That’s how TEP energizes and transforms humanity: one individual, one team, one organization at a time, turning a vicious downward spiral into a positive, upward, and expansive trajectory.

My ultimate vision is to bring awareness of frequency, resonance and harmony to the corporate world, and with that to all facets of humanity.