Episode 10: Relationship Energy Dynamics

Episode 10: Relationship Energy Dynamics : , June 15, 2023


Dr. Vic discusses relationship energy dynamics that are at work beyond the physical, accessing our unconscious energies.

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Time to address the energy we are creating with partners, family, friends, in community, at work, in society and humanity!

Topics discussed include:

– The influence of relationships on our lives

– How relationships can build us up, or put us down

– The social fabric that we weave through how we relate to each other

– The dysfunction of our societal model

– Accessing the energy, vibration, resonance and radiance

– How our history informs our relationships: past experiences, family trauma

– How to break through: Relationship Readiness

– Accessing the pure possibility of relationships

– Supporting and elevating each other is a decision

– When two become one: Entering the sphere

We’re standing¬† as the human collective at a crossroads: Do we fall or do we rise? High time to wake up! High time to transform the energy of relationships into the energy of possibility and freedom!

It’s time to create a new way! The energetic way. Let’s transcend fear and mistrust and all the labels that divide us so we can enter the shared sphere of relationships. Right now is the hour of decision: It’s DO or DIE, RISE or FALL, LIFE or DEATH. United we stand – divided we fall! The hour to make your choice is right now!


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