Episode 9: The Tone Sets the Stage

Episode 9: The Tone Sets the Stage : , June 15, 2023


Dr. Vic explores how the tone, frequency, resonance, & radiance create our world. Learn how to raise your vibration to create positivity.

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Water finds its own level. Tone makes all the difference. Amid all the division that has been exacerbated through media and public outrage, we have the opportunity to break through the divisive narrative and belief systems. It all boils down to our tone.

Topics discussed include:
– What’s in a tone?
– What happens when tone is off?
– What happens when it is on?
– Setting the tone requires attention:
– How do you talk to yourself?
– How to you talk to others?
– Setting tone is a responsibility. You’re in charge!
– The energy you feel is real
– The first energetic principle: Do no harm!

Dr. Vic of TEP.Global talks about how one sets the tone, positive or negative, for one's energy and those interacting with, and how to stay in touch with it.

It’s time to wake up! Access the energy in your field and your surroundings. Be very aware of the energies you bring into your field:
– Physical: Eating, breathing, drinking, exercising etc.
– Mental: Thoughts, beliefs, information, news, media, movies etc.
– Spiritual: Find new ground to stand on, establish a practice

It’s time to create a new way! The energetic way. Let’s transcend fear and mistrust and all the labels that divide us.

Right now is the hour: It’s DO or DIE, RISE or FALL, LIFE or DEATH. United we stand – divided we fall! The hour to make the choice is now! The decision is yours. It’s all in the tone…

By addressing people related organizational challenges, we help organizations shift to their positive and productive energy. Please contact us at https://tep.global/contact-us/


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