Episode 8: Wake Up – Discover The Paradigm Shift

Episode 8: Wake Up – Discover The Paradigm Shift : , May 13, 2023


In this installment of The Energy Paradigm/TEP.Global Show, Dr. Vic and Dr. Pat discuss how we can discover the paradigm (the program) that ultimately drives our lives – our perceptions, thoughts, decisions, feelings and behavior – and what we can do to change the paradigm to make it ours so we can truly become the leaders of our life.

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Topics discussed include:

  • The big awakening that is upon us,
  • The filter and blinders that constitute our current paradigm,
  • How we can discover the force that helps us unlock our humanity
  • How we can find our way following our resonance, vibration and radiance
  • And finally how we can shift our perspective towards a paradigm that helps us walk our walk and shine our light to be in service to humanity.

The time to wake up is now! Question everyone and everything – no matter the source. Don’t follow blindly, rather lead your own life, steer your own ship. Don’t delegate your power to someone who tells you they are in charge or know better.

Think critically. Open your eyes. It’s time to follow the paradigm that resonates with your spirit, heart and soul.

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It’s time to change the paradigm.

You can do your share by spreading the word and by shining your light.

Have an energized day.


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