People centric work places need a paradigm shift to prioritize people, not use, exploit & make people fit in, and to turn fiction to flow. Dr. Vic, TEP.Global.

Paradigm Shift is Needed for Individuals and Organizations in Human Centered Workplaces

Paradigm Shift is Needed for Individuals and Organizations in Human Centered Workplaces

By Dr. Vic | May 13th, 2023 | Organizational development, People management, | 0 Comments

Paradigm shift is needed to unleash positive energy of individuals and organizations in people centered workplaces, says Dr. Vic, talent assessment expert at TEP.Global.

The following is an edited & abbreviated version of an interview on paradigm shift for personal and organizational well being by Dr. Vic of TEP.Global. This interview was the second on the same topic on the Transformation Talk Radio, by Dr. Pat Baccili, founder and CEO of Unlimited Possibilities, the Transformation Network, and the Transformational Talk Radio.

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Dr. Pat

…I’m so excited about this because I have gotten to work with someone that I’m gonna introduce to all of you today. Now you’ve had a little sneak peek of Dr. Victor Porak de Varna. So you had me talk about him. You heard me do that and then we had him on the show just for all of you to get to know who Dr. Vic is. 

But what you don’t know is that we’re bringing to you a completely transformative series on what he has created: The Energy Paradigm. And what I mean by that is that, you know, when things happen, when we discover who we are in the times we live in, you know, when we have those moments, something happens to what we create and the timing and beginning, to look at this body of work and what it’s being called, the energy of the universe is calling forward is a direct relationship to today’s show. 

So today, not only are you going to hear about what The Energy Paradigm is, but you’re gonna hear about what he’s bringing forward for the rest of the year. Actually, Dr. Vic is somebody that you’re gonna hear a lot about. He is the one, the creative genius behind the energy paradigm. And when you think about his work, whether it be for individuals or an organization, you understand one thing and that is: everything is energy. But what does that mean to you? What does that mean to me? What does that mean to our lives? What does that mean to the organizations that we’re in? Well, that’s what we’re gonna tackle today. 

Dr. Vic it’s great to have you.

Dr. Vic

Doctor Pat, it’s such an honor to be back. So good to see you.

Dr. Pat

Today is like, what we’re gonna talk about is like this is about discover the paradigm, right?

Dr. Vic

Absolutely! And maybe I just take it from here if you’re ok with that.

Dr. Pat

Yeah. Well, many people don’t know what we mean. So when we say the word energy, a lot of people are really on top of that now. But when we say the energy paradigm, it’s like, hm, what does that mean? So let’s talk about the paradigm. What the paradigm is and how does it affect us in every waking day of our lives?

What are your aha moments?

Dr. Vic

Let me use a segway because you said that we are in exceptional times and you know what, this is absolutely right. We live in such exceptional times and right now history is unfolding in front of our eyes and it’s so tangible, like never before, at least in my lifetime, it’s in your face. And what we are experiencing is unprecedented on Earth. We’ve got COVID, we’ve got the closures, we have the fear. Um we have the global scale of it and people staying at home and at the same time, everything that has been hidden from us that has been kept from us is being swept to the surface and it becomes visible. And every day I go online and I learn new things and one is more incredible than the other. And I’m looking at it with disbelief. Looking at it with disbelief is the incredible opportunity to, for us all, to question and change the paradigm and I will get to the paradigm. What that means. 

Dr. Pat

Yeah, I think you nailed it. I think every moment, you know, people have asked me over my life and I know I’ve asked you where I’ve asked you, what are your aha moments? And you know, we’re living in a day and time and I, I think boy, you just said it, we are in moments of disbelief that are happening 24/7 for us. But this is also where your body of work comes in,

not only in helping us understand that, but also understand, you know what we’re capable of.

What serves humanity?

Dr. Vic

Absolutely. And I think that the overarching question that we need to ask ourselves is: What serves humanity? This is about who we really are at heart, our values, our spirit, our honor, our integrity. It’s how we show up every day and how we step up and how we do what’s right. And the question is: How can I serve and how can I (or my life) have meaning that goes beyond the material things that we are involved in every day. And I think it’s about creating a legacy. What am I leaving behind in my wake? Is there collateral damage or is there goodness? Is there love? Do I leave people lit up or do I leave damage behind? And I think right now I would get to the Segway to, to the paradigm. 

Right now it’s time to wake up and to question everyone and everything no matter the source.

So bear with me for a second here because the timing as you said is perfect. I mean, this is divine timing and how we met you. And I um it couldn’t have been more opportune. Right now it’s time to wake up and to question everyone and everything no matter the source. Don’t follow – learn how to lead your life, steer your own ship. Nobody has the right to tell you what’s right or wrong. Nobody has the right to censor the information that you are being given to make up your mind. Nobody is allowed to tell you what to believe and what not to believe, because it’s yours only, and how you should feel and how you should not feel. It’s nobody’s business but yours. What we need to learn is to not delegate our power because we have much more power – you already mentioned it – than we are led to believe and that we’re growing up within the belief system.

Don’t delegate the power to those who tell you that they are in charge, right? Think critically. Think for yourself. Make up your mind. 

Snap out of just following (often) blindly. And what I mean with that is: We need to learn to question the paradigm that we are living in right now and find the one that is right for us, that sits with us. And I think with this, what resonates with our heart, spirit and soul, what makes you sing inside? It’s this elevated feeling. And I think that is the Segway that I wanted to give into what is the paradigm? The paradigm or a paradigm is a filter. It is a frame of perception. It dictates how we live. It dictates our reality, how we are thinking, reasoning, how we are communicating, how we are making decisions. It dictates our behavior. It is like a software, our operating system, that runs us and it comes with filters and blinders. Because if you abide by one paradigm, you’re seeing only a little part of what there is. So those blinders need to come off. And the prescription glasses that help us see what’s good, what’s right or wrong, what’s good or bad, those need to come off because we need to question them. Are those the right glasses?

Dr. Pat

Yeah. Yeah. 

Dr. Vic

It’s how we look at life. Yeah. 

Dr. Pat

And I think that’s what we’re talking about. Dr. Vic when we look at and explore as we started this today, right? When we look at and clearly explore the idea of we are living in a way of being, we’re living in a way of being. Another word for a paradigm is we’re living in a way of being. And, and so often, we don’t feel like we are the founders, the creative genius of our reality. And I think part of what you’re bringing is we are the creative genius of our reality and we are the people that can decide. What do I do today? What do I do in this moment? What am I gonna listen to? What am I not gonna listen to? And in the end, the energy around all of that is such a barometer for the events of our lives, isn’t it?

Dr. Vic

Yes, very much. And you know, it all starts with how we look at ourselves, how we look at people and how we look at life. And here are a couple of questions that I can just throw out. And you can ask, everybody who’s online and hopefully listening to this, ask yourself those questions: Is life really: Birth, education, work, bucket list and death? Is that all there is to it? Or is there more? Because we are led to believe that this is it, right? That we need to chase the money, fame, happiness and, and then, you know, sometimes we go away and that was it.

When we look at children, is it right to bend them into submission, to make them conform to our paradigm? What we think is right or wrong? Because they are supposed to create the future. But as Albert Einstein said, you cannot solve the problems that you created in the past with the same thinking that you had when you created the problem. So why don’t we let our kids run and come up with their own solutions?

Dr. Pat

Yeah, because uh you know, when you break that down and you think about Einstein’s phrase, and I’ve gone back and looked at a little bit of what he said about it. And it’s an interesting issue of probability. You know, here’s what I learned and it took me a lot of years to learn it. As I was almost flunking out in my graduate statistics class, probability does not consider possibility, probability considers randomness. And there are laws in probability, but the laws of probability do not take into consideration the magic and the miracles that possibility thinking does. And those are different energies. And I’m not saying Dr. Vic that one is right and one is wrong. But when we look at the energy of them and that’s what we’re gonna talk about when we come back from break, when we look at those two, right? And I have a friend that lives and breeds probability theory. But when we look at both of them, it’s not a matter of right or wrong. It’s discovering the energetic nature of who we are, where we are, and where we wanna go. And whether or not probability is gonna get me there or possibility. And I will tell you to break that very conceptual thing down. Probability would have told me, don’t bother applying for a doctoral program because the chances of you ever getting accepted are one in a trillion. Possibility says pay no attention to that and send your applications. Let’s take a short break and we’re coming back, we’re gonna look into the energy of both of those because Dr. Vic is gonna take us on a ride and the ride is a new Disney event and it’s the call discovering the forest energy. We’ll be right back, everybody.

Dr. Pat

Welcome back. …One of the things you should know is that we started to work with Dr. Vic several months ago. And what folks don’t know that when you say yes to an idea, it takes on a life of its own, whatever the paradigm was that you thought you knew about your life, your career is something that happens. And he’s gonna explain it right now for the moment, …part of the show today with Dr. Vic is to explain the discovery that is behind this and how sometimes,

you know the crisis of our lives and what we go through, it brings out the genius in us, it helps us evolve. And that’s what we’re talking about today. If everything is energy and you know it, how well do you know the effect you can have with your own energy? How well do you believe that you could be the masters of it? Dr. Vic, it’s great to have you here today. All right.

Look, I know we’re gonna finish a little bit more about the paradigm. But here’s the deal, probability, possibility, discovering the force, the energy, this has been a journey for you. But this is a life’s work. You are, you are the person that launched and created the brand, the idea, the model, the organizational work, the individual work calls for the energy paradigm. Let’s take a look at the different ways. You had to look at the different ways of being you. 

From utility and exploitation to possibility and seeing the spark in everyone

Dr. Vic

For me it started at work. And maybe some of you know from our last episode that for the bigger part of my life, I used to interview, assess and profile people for jobs for companies, as to their suitability to fulfill the job and perform. And the question that kept coming up for myself was, is it ok to reduce people to knowledge, skills and abilities? To box them into personality? To judge their usability and how we can get more out of them? Or is there a flip side to the medal, where we can actually see that every single person has infinite potential? And if we can see that – which would be a different paradigm, because we need to shift perspective and put on different lenses to see that – how can we support that potential? Look at partnerships and relationships: Is it ok to gauge partners, as to how they can fulfill our desires, how useful they are to us? And when they are not useful anymore, we dispose of them. That’s what we see in companies: If somebody is not useful anymore. We dispose of them. We don’t even see the potential that they bring. And everybody has potential. Do you see the shift in paradigm? It goes from utility and exploitation to possibility and seeing the spark in everyone.

For ourselves that means, is it ok to reduce myself to, to a utility? Am I keeping myself small and insignificant and do I lack meaning? And how did I get this notion through schools, parents, teachers, the government, they all claim to know the truth and tell us: Oh, it’s ok, just relinquish whatever you’re thinking, you’re gonna be fine, right? So that is the old paradigm and we are programmed with that. We are programmed systematically to not think and to not question and that’s why we can use this COVID break to actually rethink the paradigm because what we are is infinite potential. And what if we claim how we feel – which is ousted in so many societies and, and especially in companies: Oh, you’re too sensitive, oh your feelings are are not valid, oh you shouldn’t feel like that, this is business, this is not personal, this is business – Do you see how we are ousting everything that has to do with feeling?

But energy has everything to do with how we feel with our emotions. So what if we claim that our emotions are actually ok? What if we claim that feeling at peace and at ease is a natural human state, instead of feeling at dis-ease and at war. What if we acknowledge that being healthy by nature is something that we are made to feel like without having to pop pills. 

So, when we follow this path, we discover that we are all made out of energy. And this has to do with how we vibrate, what our frequency is, what we resonate at. And then we come to what feels right, what feels good. And that is a completely different approach. This is a paradigm shift from how I was brought up, because I was brought up in the belief that how I feel inside is not valid. That there’s no truth to it. Oh you cannot prove it, right? No, you shouldn’t feel like this because it’s not right. It’s not true. And that takes your value away and it diminishes your truth and your knowing and your intuition. And, and that is where we need to go. Trust your instincts, trust your body. When I feel something in my body, I need to honor it.

Don’t listen to anybody who tells you what you’re feeling is not true because that person has an agenda. That’s the new paradigm to follow that path. Do you see that? Can you feel it?

Dr. Pat

You know, somebody asked me at a class I gave – I always open up to questions. You know, I’m a different kind of teacher and lecturer, I spend about 15 minutes on the construct or whatever the concept and then the rest of the time is Q and A. And uh I remember this exactly because one of my students called me the queen of concept, I always had a concept for something. I always had a metaphor. And so they asked me this question: What do I think was a concept in organizations now a concept given to organizations that was least accepted? What do I think is a concept that had the most potential and is potentially failing miserably? That was such an easy answer for me. And you said it before the entire idea of emotional intelligence, the entire concept of that, the work that was done, the model, right? It was one of the more brilliant ways to understand what you just said. Well, what happened to it? Why isn’t it being used everywhere? Why isn’t that what comes off a CEO’s tongue every time you talk to them? Because it’s exactly what you said it has come to work, leave it at the door. 

However, talking about the energy or talking about what the energy of a meeting was or whether or not the energy in the room can create the kind of solution you’re looking for or whether or not the energy of being in a room with people feels good or bad. You see that is what really could give us a level of awareness. And isn’t that the force that you’re talking about? Because when you’re talking about emotions and emotional intelligence, we are not schooled on that, we don’t know in the workplace.  Is that empathy? Right? No, it’s not empathy because I just need the work done, but we’re talking about the energy, right?

The intangible, magnetic, radiant energy of life

Dr. Vic

Yes, absolutely. You know, it is how you feel inside and how it informs everything that is around you because we do have a field around us: Call it aura, call it magnetic field, call it whatever you want, call it radiant. I call it radiance because I like that because it radiates out and  it calls something in and that is the magnetism and you see that some people do have that and you look at them and it’s almost like we, we cannot take our eyes off them. 

Why? Because they have the force, they have a command of who they are and what they’re supposed to do and how to do good in the world. 

And that is something that has never been taught to us because most people feel very uncomfortable with it because it, it requires a different thinking. It’s not something that you can put a mathematical formula to. It’s not something where you can put hardcore science to it because it’s intangible, it’s kind of difficult to grasp. But that is what life is made out of. It’s all energy, it’s all how we feel. And when you follow this radiance, you will find the path that you’re supposed to walk and you will find that everyone has potential, including you.  Because if you deny it to anybody, they will deny it to you. And then we are in our present society: Welcome. Right? So we need to change that. Everyone has purpose. Everyone matters. If you deny it to them, if you think you’re smarter, well, guess what they’re doing: Trying to outsmart each other and it all boils down to making a decision and the decision is: Do I want to matter? Can you feel the resonance of that?

Dr. Pat

There’s no question about it. I mean, aren’t you describing essentially what we’re seeing in the middle of a crisis like we’ve never really seen before?

There is no logic to energy

Aren’t you really describing the scenarios that we’re seeing where in the neighborhood of the Bronx people are coming out or a neighborhood in Brooklyn or some other place where they have high rise buildings where people can come out and stand outside and bang on a pot.

I mean, aren’t we talking about the energy of something to really fight back in a positive way about something that is so deadly, aren’t we seeing it in all of the Instagrams that are being done of people singing and laughing and smiling and, and doing a whole bunch of things. As a matter of fact, it’s such an energy because there’s no logic to this. You see, there’s not a logic to this response. The only way to explain it is there’s an energy to it. Right.

Dr. Vic

Absolutely. There’s an energy, there is something life-giving about it because staying at home watching the media and, or binge watching Netflix and drinking booze and eating chips that’s taking the life force away from you. So how can you get life force?

Dr. Pat

Let’s hold that thought because I want to come back from break and that to me right there.

How do you get it? And I wanna say this, there is a movie that I started to use clips from this movie now to teach people about how to shift the paradigm. When we come back, we’re gonna talk about that. But we’re gonna talk about this with Dr. Vic because this is navigating the energy. You know, it’s not just Doctor Oz saying energy medicine is the new frontier,

navigating the energy is the new galaxy of personal development. And Dr. Vic spent a lifetime understanding it, teaching, working with individuals, working with communities because this is why in the middle, the epicenter of a crisis, why we now have more donations…more than any negative newscast. But we just don’t talk about it enough. Stay tuned. We’ll be right back.

Dr. Pat

Hey, everybody. Welcome back to find out more about Dr. Vic. Go to the energy paradigm dot com. And like I said, you’re going to see the evolution of what Dr Vic is bringing forward. You will start to see, first of all, a new website come forward and it’s going to reflect the evolution of the energy paradigm that he has been going through. And the genius behind how to address what’s going on in the world. But more importantly, how to provide you all with the tools that you need to make sure that you understand how to navigate the energy, how to go through the wave. And the paradigm idea is so important. And Dr. Vic, let’s just start with this before we get into it. Clearly, I referenced a movie and the movie I referenced is exactly what we’re talking about. There’s no mistake that most of the folks out there understand what the phrase “let the force be with you” is about.

 “Let the force be with you” 

Dr. Vic 

Doesn’t that resonate with you? There is a force out there that is largely untapped that has been kept from us, that is foreign to us. We need to learn that language, right? It’s like speaking a different language. It’s like shifting our life to a different platform, elevating it. There is a force out there and that force is infinite. And the force is, I see it the way to unlock humanity in all of us. It’s a way to the heart, right? And it has to do with what we already talked about, Dr. Pat. It’s this resonance, the vibration, the radiance. They show the way to the force. 

And I like to, to see it as a three step process because you asked me how can we do this, how can we be, how can we live, how can we matter beyond what we are led to believe, beyond the riches, the fame and you know, the achievements and it starts with how we show up for life. 

What is the inner integrity of myself?

And the question here is what resonates if you take away all the ifs and buts and all the fear and all the oh I cannot do this and all the playing small, – what really resonates with you? That is the crucial question because when you find this, you have a bedrock to stand on no matter what your life is and no matter how hard your life is and how much adversity is being thrown at you. You have something unshakable to stand on. That’s where the force begins. And can you see how you tap into this force? I see it as a vertical force, it goes up and then it radiates around us, right? This has to do with who am I? What is the internal integrity, the inner integrity of myself? Do I have a spine and can I stand straight when it matters most or will I cave? That is the force. If you have that, you are the bamboo in the storm, you are the palm tree in the storm. You would always switch, come back up. A couple of leaves might fly off, but then you’re back. 

And with that, the question is, are you ready to be in service to humanity and find your way, not a dictated way, find your own? That is for me the first ingredient to tap into the force and to, to serve this wave of the future, how I call it and now imagine we do this with everybody. Isn’t this looking for the spark in the person? Isn’t this looking for what makes everyone unique? Isn’t this uh looking for the potential instead of pegging somebody into a square hole and expecting them to perform? Do you see the difference? How, following that energy, how motivating that is, how you can get up in the morning and be the energizer bunny. And that brings me to the next step. 

There is a calling for everyone, there is an initiation that we have to go through and it has to do with overcoming our fears. 

The second step, which is to step up just being and vegetating and sitting in our chairs and commenting on Facebook doesn’t do it. We need to step up to something and there is a calling for everyone and there is an initiation that we have to go through and it has to do with overcoming our fears. And for me that fear was being public. What I’m doing right now here, I’m expletive scared of it. Ok. I call it the big quest. Find what you are asked to do with this life. What, how you carry your energy into the world? What can you do? Because that is what really matters. It’s the willingness to learn our life lessons and to move on because what I’ve noticed in my life is the problems keep coming up and coming up and coming up until I finally get the lesson. And then the next problem comes, it’s almost like going up a staircase, right? And it is this decision to make a difference. What is the path? The quest shows you the path, and there is this initiation thought in this, because it is daring.

It is daunting, it is overcoming what holds us back. And once we do that, we can tap into the energy that lights us up and with that, we can light up the world around us. Can you imagine the healing if only one person, every company is lit up like that in every team, if we allow people to be lit up instead of berating them and putting them down and telling them they are too sensitive and ousting them because they are different. Let’s celebrate that they are different because they are the way-shower for us. 

That is for me, the three step process, how you get from where you are today, to where you are supposed to be and how you can tap in your energy and make the best out of it. Make this lifetime count. Choose! In the end it boils down to two simple questions or two simple statements. Choose life over death. And what do I mean with that? Life is anything that lights you up, that elevates you, that makes you feel energetic, that makes you feel like: Yes, I want to do this. Even if it’s scary, I have to do it. It’s my duty. It’s my calling versus death is oh, I’m too small. I cannot do this. I’m not smart enough. Oh, people tell me that I’m not – remember from our last show that all the people that showed up in my life and told me what I cannot do and who I will never be because I’m not smart enough, I’m not this, I’m not that – that is taking your life force away. Choose love over fear and love is, this not, I love you superficial thing, no, it’s this deep seated, eternal love that fills you up with light and it’s…. when I talk about it, I feel it come from my stomach up through my head and out. That is the real thing. That’s the real deal. And when you are in that state of energy, fear goes away and that’s what we need to fight COVID that’s what we need to overcome our paradigm that we are still caught in.

It’s, it’s, you know, there are cracks and, and the plaster is coming down right now and which is fantastic to see. But this is what we need to shift the perspective to get the new lens to look at life, at ourselves ,and at each other in a completely different way. Follow the heart, feel where it sings. Where does your heart sing? That’s it. 

Types of frictions, and from friction to flow

Dr. Pat

Well, you know, part of this too. And one of the things that I think I’m struck by an observation and also an application is that there is a sense of friction. And let me explain a little bit about what I mean by friction. Because when we say friction, everybody has a visual of it, right? You know, friction, you rub two sticks together. Well, if you rub two sticks together along, you literally transmute that friction into something amazing, it’s called fire, right. Um and fire by its very nature has an element of flow to it. There’s nothing that you can say about fire that shows fire that shows any constriction whatsoever. You can analyze the flame. You could look at the color. Um you could determine how big the fire should go by what you put in it. But it began with friction of some kind. And that’s the case almost in every circumstance to create fire. 

Something needs to ignite it right now. What part of friction doesn’t serve us. Right. And it’s an interesting dynamic if you’ve ever watched the movie Castaway with. Um. Yeah, Tom Hanks. Yeah. And you watch the difference between when he was trying like a crazy person to get a fire and he couldn’t get it. You could see the anger, you could see the fear, you could see the frustration. But fast forward to the scene where somehow he brought a different energy to it. And the aha moment happened when he says, oh, the air is getting to it. Uh But this is really what we’re talking about, how to discover that part of ourselves, that part of us where we’re friction. And I have to tell you it is showing up a lot and I think COVID-19 is bringing it out in everyone, even when you’re on a call and you’re trying to talk about something amazing that’s happened. But the friction that shows up is the friction of no, you can’t do it that way. No, no, it’s not gonna work. No, it’s not gonna work. Boy, I’ll tell you we don’t have time for. No, it’s not gonna work right now. 

Dr. Vic

…I love what you just said. You’re absolutely right. There are 2 types of friction. There, there is the friction that we all feel right now and it’s the friction that opens our eyes. It’s this unease, something is not sitting right with us. Somehow this doesn’t add up. All the numbers don’t add up. What they are telling us is not adding up somehow. Mm. There’s an uneasiness to it. It can also happen in your job, you know, you’re highly successful but something is always missing. You have the corner office, you have the personal assistant, you have the corporate car and still, it’s not enough. That’s the friction that tells you you’re not there yet, you’re not there yet. And it’s whispering in your ear. Not there yet, not there yet. Come, go on, go on. And what we think is that we need to perform some more in order to get there. And then the voice comes back and says: Not there yet. No, no, this is not it. Right. So that’s the good friction. That’s the inner voice that steers us to go toward our heart to go toward our spirit. How do we and in what spirit are we showing up? And actually are we radiating this? And what are we doing with this? Are we uplifting people or are we destroying them? So that’s one side. 

The other side is the challenging friction or, or the detrimental friction and that’s the one that destroys, that’s the one uh a lot of self talk. It starts with self talk. I’m not good enough. I’m not this, I’m not that. Or my parents were never happy with me. I was never proud of myself. I was not allowed to do this. This is too big for me. Who am I to do this? I mean, all the stuff that I have been churning in my head. Oh, I’ve been told not this, not that. I don’t fit here. I don’t fit there. Or they were ridiculing me, and if you start churning this in your head, you’re destroying yourself, you’re grinding yourself up and you know what you do, then you go out and you make other people feel bad. So you feel a little bit better. That is how we get friction into the world. This is how we destroy society. This is how we destroy the potential in people. 

Now, my appeal here is to follow the little voice. Not there yet, not there yet, not there yet and overcome the fear to be exceptional. I used to have that fear and I’m still working on that. It’s not easy. The self imposed restrictions, the buts and the ifs and the consequences that I fear. When I put those aside and I feel what makes me tear up.

That is the path. Then I’m getting real and that is something that is non negotiable. So find that non-negotiable for you and you will find how you can contribute to this incredible shift that is going to come and I am convinced it cannot be held up anymore. There are too many cracks, there are too many things that are crumbling. The foundation of what was is giving. The dam is breaking. And it’s time now to grow up and define your paradigm. 

Don’t just follow blindly, what other people are saying, find yours and that is with the inner resonance that you can find it. And that is again, it boils down to this life or death question. What expands? What makes you feel exulted? What gives you energy? If you are in a job or in any type of profession that is life giving, you will never get tired, it will not deplete you. Why? Because it will give you energy and that’s the force coming in and there are a lot of different theories how this happens. The yogic people have their own theory, religious people have their own theory. Um It doesn’t matter how it comes in. What matters is that it comes in that you can feel this excitement. You are on the verge of something big. I like to look at it even when times are tough in my life. I always believed around the next corner, there’s something really good waiting. That is what made me feel excited because when times are tough, that’s when you can change something. When times are good, we’re not changing anything. Why? Because it’s very convenient, right? We are very comfy. But when times are tough, then we can change and shift our paradigm. 

Dr. Pat

Yeah.You know, I, I wanna break this down for people into what we’re seeing about paradigm shifts because I think it’s so important. You know, Dr. Vic, look, one of the things that if we take a moment to notice, we will discover the nuances, not just about what’s going on in the outside world, but what’s going on and there’s some part of what we’re giving people and how we’re delivering it. That’s so magical. You know, the other day I watched something that happened in the news. There was a clip just really fast of what people are doing innovatively. And there were two people playing chess in this clip. I don’t play chess, but it gave me an idea and there were two people in this game playing chess on Zoom. I like Zoom like we’re doing now Zoom. We are creating a paradigm right now that we would never have created to bring people closer together. So I wanna talk about this with you because this is my paradigm question, but we are now creating a paradigm. So these two people never play chess because they don’t live in the same area. So they were not likely to say, hey, come on, let’s play chess. They live in other countries. That is a new paradigm. We are not talking about, we’re not talking about the creative genius and I can’t thank Zoom enough for figuring out the entire privacy thing in 12 hours, right? But there’s an energy that was created out of a need that ended and began with despair. And what do you make of the new paradigm? Energetically, people are creating in the world of possibilities to connect? 

Make a difference. Be the difference.

Dr. Vic

We are lifting the energy. That’s what we are doing right now. We are discovering it, we are in the middle of this energetic shift of this paradigm shift. We’re discovering new ways. That’s the creativity. We are shifting the… what I want to see is that we up the energy of the entire planet to make everybody light up. That’s how we can change the structures that try to keep us confined and come out in a completely different way. In a way that values the individual in a way that values the emotional side of us, the emotional intelligence. And you know, when we look at life, the visual spectrum that we can see compared to all frequencies out there that there is ask any physicist is 0.03 something percent, which means it’s nothing. So the question is what else is out there? That’s what we need to tap in because the material game we already have that one figured out. It’s time to uplevel, go to the next level.

Dr. Pat

…my last question to you: How do we do something even if it’s small to create the new paradigm? Your last question.

Dr. Vic

Ok, let me answer it like this: feel inside yourself first. That’s where we need to start. If you look at what you’re creating in your life, do you like what you see? Do you like how you feel? And if not, then it’s time to shift the paradigm to create your own, use those three steps that I mentioned before, start looking at things critically. Why am I thinking this? How am I,

why am I reasoning like that? Who told me to do it this way and not another way? How can I express who I am at heart? And I think maybe I can get to the loop loop at the beginning.

You know, many things that we’ve been taught and taught are not the things that we thought they are. And with all the cracks in the old paradigm, the big reveal is coming and we need to be strong and we need to be united. But it starts at home with every person. It starts with you. Think about how you can make a difference and it doesn’t have to be big, make a difference in your relative’s lives, make a difference for the cashier in the supermarket. Make a difference for a person that is homeless outside throughout this crisis. That is what we need. It is a decision.

Dr. Pat

Yeah, Dr.  Vic, thank you so much. I think we’re gonna end with that. Make a difference. Be the difference. Thank you so much, Dr. Vic. Everybody: go to the energy paradigm dot com.

Dr. Vic, we’re gonna continue this series. Thank you enough for bringing this to the forefront. Th​​ank you and thank everybody who is ready to be the difference. I thank Ricardo,

great to see you. Thank you all out there. Thank you, Benny. Thank you, Zach. Thank you for everyone that has tuned us in and turned us on. But I wanna say this: Dr. Vic is not done. He is coming back for an entire series. You’re gonna learn about the energy paradigm in a way that will change your life. We’ll see you next time everybody.

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