TEP.Global offers premier fractional CHRO services to growth companies and build HR departments at a fraction of the cost of a full time Chief People Officer.

A Fractional CHRO is a Vital Bridge to Your Own HR Department

A Fractional CHRO is a Vital Bridge to Your Own HR Department

By Dr. Vic | Sep 14th, 2023 | HR consulting, Management consulting, Organizational development, People management, Talent assessment, | 0 Comments

TEP.Global offers fractional CHROs to growth companies, as a cost-saving solution for HR needs and building their in-house HR Departments.

A fractional CHRO (Chief Human Resource Officer), a/k/a CPO (Chief People Officer) is an experienced talent strategist and/or HR professional who provides interim, part-time, or project by project HR leadership, either as a team member working with the leadership team, or as an independent contractor offering hands-on HR related leadership and consultancy — whichever works best for each company’s needs.

One of the many growing pains faced by a company with annual revenue between $5 million – $500 million, is the need for an experienced CHRO who can solve immediate HR related challenges, and also lay the foundation for a long term internal HR department. Yet those companies often lack the budget to afford a full-time CHRO. 

A fractional CHRO bridges the gap between a company’s immediate HR needs and a full-fledged internal HR department

Among the factors of technology, people, process, it’s PEOPLE that make a company grow. C-suites know too well how important it is to tap into insights of talent experts for developing HR and talent strategies DURING growth, and to develop HR policies, company culture, and practices in tune with the company’s mission, vision, and goals. 

One of the specialties of TEP.Global is providing fractional CHRO services to growth companies, not as an outsourced HR service, but as your interim TEAM MEMBER, to build your company’s HR infrastructure until your full-fledged HR department is established.

Alternatively, we can also be your trusted consultant.

At a fraction of the cost for a full-time CHRO, growth companies can tap into our combined 100-year experience in every aspect of talent strategies, talent assessment, talent acquisition, leadership development, compliance, risk management, employee engagement, hiring, firing, vetting —  especially for human-centered organizations.  

In the trenches with the executives, we help companies attract, retain, and motivate talents, maintain innovative momentum, and achieve growth initiatives. 

We bridge the gap, pave the way, and on-board your in-house HR department and your first full-time CHRO, at which point our mission is complete. We then happily move on to others who need us to fill their growth gaps.

A fractional CHRO is a cost effective and innovative solution for growth companies

A fractional CHRO can be an indispensable partner for an executive team, providing cutting edge HR expertise and leadership, but without the high salary and overhead of a full-time executive. 

Fractional CHROs are playing an increasingly vital role in growth companies’ success, by providing crucial talent strategies, HR management, and top talents, to create a company’s growth momentum at the stage when HR leadership is needed the most. 

If a growth company only needs a fractional CHRO on a specific project, this option also affords both the company and the fractional CHRO flexibility and adjustability. It is indeed a more affordable and efficient way of using limited resources as your company scales.

For funded startups above B rounds of investment, established small businesses seeking to grow to the next level, lower mid-market companies looking to scale, we at TEP.Global can contribute our diverse experience in mentoring tech startups, growing mid-sized companies, and advising large multinational corporations to any growth company in any industry, with our sound grasp of the fundamentals of people development.

Should you need to leverage our fractional CHRO services, please contact us for more information.

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