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Management Consulting for Future Ready Workforce – TEP.Global

Management Consulting for Future Ready Workforce – TEP.Global

By Dr. Vic | Jan 27th, 2023 | Executive recruiting, HR consulting, Management consulting, People management, | 0 Comments

Management consulting, leadership assessment, and workforce talent strategy are TEP.Global’s specialties.

TEP.Global was recently rebranded. From what was formerly known as “The Energy Paradigm”, TEP is now standing for “Transform, Energize, People”. 

Though TEP focuses on executive recruiting, talent strategies, and people management consulting, it takes a holistic approach to talent acquisition and retention, differentiating from all other talent recruiters and HR consultants:

Radically Different – Amazingly Human

TEP takes a radically different approach to people, teams, leadership, culture, and organizations: Instead of viewing people as a mere resource that can be used and replaced, we mentor and coach companies to prioritize people as their number one asset.

Whether we help you recruit executives and employees, assess existing human resources, or problem solve human capital issues with your teams and organizations, the TEP Team has a proven recipe for your success – we specialize in identifying and addressing intangible key success factors to help uncover, energize and activate the often untapped seeds for organizational growth.

That’s why the TEP approach to all aspects of people consulting is often viewed as “management consulting”, even though our deliverables are PEOPLE, – energized and transformed human capital, – either as newly hired fresh blood or by transforming what seems to be the “dead weight” in an organization.

The TEP approach, different from the failed “pigeon hole” approach, has energized many organizations and transformed their cultures AND bottom lines.

As part of the human potential movement, we know from experience that:

Everyone has TALENT and PURPOSE – let’s find it!

Everyone has PASSION and a MISSION – let’s activate it!

Everyone MATTERS and wants to SHINE – let’s make it happen!

Let us help you shift friction to flow and set YOUR PEOPLE up for success, for they are your biggest asset!

Programs: Leadership elevated; People energized; Culture transformed.


Finding the “good button” in people to set new hires and existing team members up for lasting success, thus increasing motivation and overall engagement in your organization.


Analyzing and adjusting team energy dynamics to lift communication and collaboration, to transform friction to flow.


Initiating deep cultural transformation to achieve human sustainability through a culture that resonates from within.


Energizing and activating the human side of business to implement change and growth.

Leadership |   People |  Team  | Culture

Every organization has its own energy field. You feel it, your colleagues feel it, and even your customers feel it. When this energy is optimized, there is a state of alignment throughout the organization and things flow naturally. However, more often than not, when an organization’s energy state is out of alignment, individuals, teams, or the entire organization can slip into energetic states such as stagnation, complacency, friction, or even resignation. Any one of those negative energetic states will keep an organization from meeting its objectives and strategic goals.

The management consulting and HR consulting experts at TEP.Global help organizations shift their energy, so they can get things done. When you energize yourself, your team, your organization… you energize your collective future, which produces a healthy bottom line and a happy place where people love to work.

A New and Proactive Way of People Management for Future Ready Organizations

TEP also provides the missing link between strategy and implementation. Corporate initiatives such as growth, change or M&A integration tend to fail not for the financing or strategic planning, but for the people. Because organizations and the people in them are often not ready to support the shift that is asked of them. 

Those kinds of energetic misalignments and/or mismatches (leading to employee disengagement, lack of motivation, resignation, or complacency) have become the biggest obstacles that stand between organizations and their ability to grow and thrive.

Too much effort and money is invested in superficial perks that just don’t work (such as free transportation, ping pong tables, playgrounds, jungle offices, fringe benefits, minor incentives), instead of leveraging the biggest asset in any organization: the talent and potential of its people. Contrary to what many believe, these superficial “solutions” cannot remedy those misalignments. 

When it comes to people, there’s no quick fix. We need to go deeper to directly address the root causes of those energetic misalignments to ready organizations for their Future State.  Check out TEP approaches for energizing people and companies.

Our commitment to you and your organization

Our commitment comes from a firm belief that human energy can move mountains. One person’s energy can energize others and the possibilities are endless for organizations, society and humanity as a whole.

This is why we are so passionate to help you access the full potential of yourself and your organization, whether you are a new or an existing leader, a senior HR professional, or a team leader trying to unleash your people’s potential.  By undertaking this work, it will not only help you, but also serve a greater good.

The TEP Team combines true experts across different fields and disciplines, for building vibrate companies.

“Dr. Vic captivated the room with his deep understanding of workforce issues in Corporate America and his commitment to help solve them through TEP. His voice and work provide fresh insights and paradigm-shifting tools that can change the way we do business today.” – Carolyn Parrs, CEO.

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It’s time to change the paradigm.

You can do your share by spreading the word and by shining your light.


It’s time to change the paradigm.

You can do your share by spreading the word and by shining your light.

Have an energized day.


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