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Organizational Leadership Coaching and Consulting: the TEP Way

Organizational Leadership Coaching and Consulting: the TEP Way

By Dr. Vic | Feb 11th, 2023 | Employee engagement, Executive recruiting, HR consulting, Management consulting, People management, | 0 Comments

Organizational leadership coach and HR consultant Dr. Vic delivers people centric talent management that results in healthy paradigm shift.

Post pandemic organizational leadership needs to adjust to the new people centered paradigm shift.  Instead of lamenting “good people are hard to find”, leaders need to be coached about how to set your people up for lasting success, by activating the talent that is already inside your organization. 

To cast away the old and often failing ways of twisting people into an organization’s structural “pigeon holes”, the TEP team of HR consultants, leadership coaches, and management consultants offers decades of experience in coaching organizational leadership. 

We teach leaders how to transform friction to flow within your organization, and engage employees to show up, step up, and light up.

TEP offers coaching, workshops, & training for organizational leadership

Speaking & Key-Notes: TEP offers a new lens and different perspectives for decision-makers through inspirational presentations, thought provoking speaking engagements and to-the-point key-notes. 

One-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions are tailor-made for each leader and for each organization to address roadblocks, activate dormant talent, initiate inner growth, and create an environment for a new hire or an existing team member to thrive.

Workshops: We provide first-hand insight and tangible experience into the energy levels of an organization, its undercurrents and inner workings through guided workshops for groups of up to thirty decision makers.

Training: Providing targeted training in the areas of candidate interviewing, communication, periodic reviews, energetic leadership and understanding team dynamics for managers, leaders and team leads.

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Talent strategy, HR strategy,  HR consulting & Human Resource Management

Talent activated, future energized – we promise a revitalized organization ready for the next level of growth with our people and talent services, and with strategic human resource management.

We enable you to do right by your people: Whether you seek to hire, select, or promote the right talent, energize your people, or motivate your organization inside-out, we have the right solutions for you:

ENERGY ASSESSMENTS (for hiring, promoting, and succession): Assessing the energy level, state and “constellation” of each candidate, gauge potential, and assess individual success factors, which are the crucial information for setting your people up for success and leading them accordingly.

TALENT ACTIVATION: Finding the “good button” in people, to enable new hires as well as existing team members. Increase overall employee motivation and engagement in your organization. Learn what is critical to take your leadership to the next level.

SUBTLE LEADERSHIP: Helping leaders read and navigate the subtle energetic undercurrents of their organizations to create a state of balance and flow, and catch unwanted trends before they can manifest and take hold of your organization.

LEADERSHIP READINESS GATE: Formal (subtle) leadership assessment to ensure the new leaders you are planning to hire or promote have what it takes to set your people up for success and become successful leaders themselves.

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Human Potential Movement

As part of the Human Potential Movement, we operate at the intersection of talent management, talent acquisition, organizational energy, leadership development and organizational psychology, providing innovative solutions to people-centric opportunities as well as challenges within organizations.

By activating the human potential that stands in between talent strategy and performance, we empower organizational leadership, teams, and individuals to shift their culture and vibe from friction to flow.

SHOW UP, STEP UP and LIGHT UP yourself, your teams, and your organization.  You can make a real difference with harmonized, fully activated energy in yourself, others, and your company.


If you have enjoyed this discussion as much as we have and if this resonates with you, there are three ways to get in touch with us, go to our website: TEP.Global. That is t e p dot global and click on contact to schedule an appointment. 

Send us an email to contact at TEP.Global.

We are looking forward to helping you with your employment, human resources and leadership needs. It’s time now to shift the paradigm. Are you ready?

Thank you for listening.

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It’s time to change the paradigm.

You can do your share by spreading the word and by shining your light.


It’s time to change the paradigm.

You can do your share by spreading the word and by shining your light.

Have an energized day.


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