Leadership Consulting is top priority since leadership sets the course and the tone for an organization, says TEP.Global founder & people strategist Dr. Vic.

Leadership Consulting for Human Centered Organizations

Leadership Consulting for Human Centered Organizations

By Dr. Vic | Jul 30th, 2023 | Employee engagement, Executive recruiting, Management consulting, Organizational development, People management, | 0 Comments

Leadership consulting by TEP.Global, corporate executives to develop new c-suite skills, visions, and mindset, is the first step to human centered organizations.

As we all know too well, leadership sets the course and the tone for an organization. Everything starts from the top. At TEP.Global, we guide organizations through improving leadership. 

Throughout the entire cycle of finding and developing best fitting executives, from talent acquisition, to leadership competency assessment, alignment, onboarding, leadership development and succession, culture building, and organizational development, TEP has a full suite of custom assessment and research models, content, unique and comprehensive approaches that go beyond mere data.

As executive recruiters, leadership mentors, and experts in organizational development and culture, we start by helping an organization ensure it is well led and heading in the right direction, by finding and keeping the best-fitting leadership talent.

  • Executive Talent acquisition

In addition to leadership attributes, skills and behaviors, we also look for the right mindset, heartset, soulset for complex, high-stakes, and high-pressure decision-making in alignment with the organization’s long term goals and brand values.

We assist CEOs, CHROs and boards identify, assess, and onboard executives as well as develop a talent candidate pool for succession planning.

Drawing on data and insights gained from the assessment process, we update C-suites and CHROs with leadership research, design responsibilities, and develop onboarding for new executives.   

  • Onboarding CEOs and senior executives – TEP sets leaders up for success

There is hardly a second chance for making the best possible first impression for a new CEO or a new executive. 

To set the right course, agenda, and tone for both the organization and the new leadership, we coach and consult new CEOs and senior executives to make their best initial launch. Based on each organization’s unique needs, business model, brand values and style, we help prepare both CEOs and executive teams to enhance their capability, effectiveness, and expertise.

  •   Leadership mentoring and leadership development programs

Leadership development is an ongoing process, far more than a few workshops or presentations.  In order to achieve lasting impact, a successful leadership development program requires a long-term relationship and commitment.

Individual leaders and senior leadership teams need to constantly hone their hard skills, soft skills, and subtle skills. To cultivate and sustain high-performing executive teamwork, we first help define roles and responsibilities in team formation and structure.

We then advise on improving team dynamics, morale, and performance, in alignment with an organization’s goals and culture.  

TEP offers leadership development programs to broaden and deepen leadership skill sets and mindsets, and prepare them to unleash human potential and solve complex business issues. 

We also support in-house leadership development programs.

  • Employee experience & employee engagement

Highly engaged employees create dynamic organizations.  

Highly engaged employees are the result of a truly human centered workplace environment that respects and promotes employees, where employees feel valued. A meaningful and dynamic work environment nurtures a happy workforce that in turn makes happy clients. 

To create a highly engaged workforce, the clear vision of an organization is the binding force that can inspire people to achieve extraordinary results and activate sustainable momentum for growth.  

TEP assists leadership in upskilling employees, creating dynamic experiences, developing best practices to hold employees accountable and build trust, initiating continuous dialogue, and carrying out employee recognition and development. 

We help companies design and implement programs and workshops to support leaders, enhance team performance, and increase employee engagement.

  1. Organizational Culture 

Every company has a unique culture. Having the right people in top leadership is not enough. Organizational success requires defining and shaping the organization’s culture in a way that is aligned with the strategic direction of the business. 

TEP.Global stays the full course to help organizations design and implement a strong human centered culture based on transparency, open communication, and trust.  Workplace culture creates the conditions for a thriving workforce who execute growth strategy.

M&A integration is also a pivotal time to examine and re-design a new organizational culture, when executive talent and growth strategy alignment are forged. After selecting, retaining and forming a new executive team at the helm for a newly merged organization, we assist both seller and buyer to identify cultural discord, assess capabilities, and design a new thriving corporate culture before, during, and after mergers and acquisitions.

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