TEP.Global's talent consultant and people strategist Dr. Vic coaches leaders to improve their leadership qualities, workplace culture & organizational energy.

Leadership Qualities, Workplace Culture, and Organizational Energy

Leadership Qualities, Workplace Culture, and Organizational Energy

By Dr. Vic | Apr 19th, 2023 | Employee engagement, HR consulting, Management consulting, Organizational development, People management, | 1 Comments

Leadership qualities set the tone for company culture & workforce energy. TEP’s Dr. Vic consults organizational leaders on people skills.

Every organization has energy. You feel it, your colleagues feel it, and even your customers feel it. 

When this energy is optimized, there is a state of alignment throughout the organization and things flow naturally. 

However, when an organization’s energy state is out of alignment, individuals, teams, and the entire organization can slip into complacency, friction, or even resignation. Any one of these stagnant or negative energetic states can keep an organization from meeting its objectives and strategic goals.

Corporate initiatives for growth as well as M&A integration often fail not due to a lack of financing and strategic planning, but due to unresolved people issues, particularly when their people are not ready to support the shift that is asked of them. This kind of energetic misalignment is the biggest obstacle that stands between organizations and their ability to grow and thrive. 

What energizes and motivates an organization, its workforce, and leadership?

Historically, companies invested in superficial perks that just don’t work (such as free transportation, ping pong tables, slides or jungle offices), instead of figuring out how to unleash the true potential of individuals.

Superficial perks cannot remedy misalignments and are not solutions for motivating the workforce. “If your job sucks (or if you experience friction in your organization), a green juice is not going to fix it”, says Dr. Vic, founder and CEO of TEP.Global.

When it comes to people, there’s no quick fix. We need to go deeper to address the root causes of those energetic misalignments, in order to ready an organization for their future state.

Organizational culture and growth start with organizational leadership.

The following diagram illustrates the interactions and correlations among leadership, teams, individuals, and their impact on organizations, customers, and stakeholders:

Leadership qualities determine workplace culture & organizational energy. TEP.Global's people strategist & talent consultant Dr. Vic coaches leadership skills.


Leadership sets the tone for culture.

Leadership pilots the direction of a company.

Leadership determines the outcome of their people’s engagement and their organization’s health and growth.

Leadership qualities help create an energetic work environment

Leadership qualities are not static, but are subject to change. Even though initial talent and leadership assessments play a role in executive recruitment and leadership acquisition, the leadership qualities and leadership competency that were the basis for being hired for a leadership position may no longer fit with a changing organization and new expectations for the same role. Leaders need to evolve along with the changes in their organization and their industry. 

Leadership skills that used to serve the older organizations need to be upgraded, especially in light of the post pandemic hybrid work, AI, and new technological, environmental, cultural and societal challenges.

TEP elevates leaders and their organizations to a higher level of energy & growth

TEP specializes in leadership development and people strategies, including but not limited to talent acquisition, talent strategy, leadership competency models, executive recruitment, leadership coaching, human centric HR consulting, employee engagement, organizational culture, high turnover solutions, post M&A integration, etc. 

Unleashing the potential in human capital is the key for achieving growth initiatives.  By leveraging the biggest asset in any organization – the talent and potential of its people – we provide the missing link between strategy and implementation for growth initiatives.

When you energize yourself, your team, your organization, you energize your collective future. TEP offers customized consulting and hands-on problem solving services, either on a project basis, or as your long term partner in people management.

We provide workshops, presentations, or 1:1 coaching, to upgrade organizational leadership qualities, leadership skill set, mindset, heart set, and soul set.  Here are some of the TEP programs

  • “Next Gen Leadership”: A human centric approach to leadership that makes a true difference for yourself, your people and your organization.
  • “High-Five Teams”: Leveraging key team dynamics, tendencies and themes to support a flow state within high achieving teams.
  • “Future Organization”: Leveraging organizational and key leadership team potential to ready an organization for future change and paradigm shifts in culture, energy, and growth.
  • “Talent Managed”: Redefining the meaning of talent in a changing world that is shaped by automation, robotics and AI: TEP, as a master profiler, offers new ways to hire, promote, and Identify high potential leaders (using “TEP quality gate”.)

By addressing people related organizational challenges, we help organizations shift to their positive and productive energy. Please contact us at https://tep.global/contact-us/

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