Dr. Vic, talent consultant at TEP.Global, talks about Employee Retention and Organizational Talent Development: From Present to Future, From Friction to Flow.

Employee Retention and Organizational Talent Development: From Present to Future, From Friction to Flow

Employee Retention and Organizational Talent Development: From Present to Future, From Friction to Flow

By Dr. Vic | Mar 9th, 2023 | Employee engagement, HR consulting, Management consulting, Organizational development, People management, | 0 Comments

Employee retention is a result of organizational development with future-ready talent strategy and employee engagement, on the part of organizational leadership.  TEP.Global consultants diagnose, transform, and energize your workforce, culture, and organization.

Employee retention, talent strategy, talent acquisition, and team dynamics sustain a vibrant organization.  TEP helps organizations to constantly adjust and improve these factors, to be aligned with organizational goals and strategies. TEP has achieved decades of success for many organizations with its time-tested three-step process: diagnose, transform, energize.

DIAGNOSE organizational ailments, barriers and blockages  

Employee retention is just the tip of the iceberg.  Beneath the surface are deeper issues of talent strategy, employee engagement, on the part of organizational leadership.

Improving employee retention starts from hiring people the right way, in addition to hiring the right people, and setting them up for lasting success.

Often, during an interview, both the interviewer and the interviewee have a good sense about the fit for each other. But economic, financial and short term needs can blind both sides of their misfit, which only leads to more misalignment, friction, quiet quitting, and high turnover down the line. 

TEP’s people and talent services help you hone-in on specific areas of concern within your organization, such as talent assessment, team dynamics, organizational culture, and organizational development

For companies seeking to assess, shift and optimize organizational energy across branches, locations, units, and teams, we offer customized assessments and follow-up engagements to help you shift from friction to flow.

TEP’s unique “Organizational Energy Assessment ” method helps you understand the dynamics of your organization’s present state (your particular energetic starting point). Beginning with organizational leadership assessment, we develop the right remedies for your specific needs for reaching your desired future state – whether you seek to increase motivation, engagement, and productivity, or get ready for major changes, growth, or future-proof your organization, or set yourself apart from the competition – we have the right programs and solutions for you.

TRANSFORM organizations from fiction to flow

After assessment to pinpoint energy blockages within your organization, we address, adjust, and uplift team energy and team dynamics, from friction to flow, and energize culture and vibe throughout your organization.  

Employee retention, motivation, & benefit: we offer coaching and consulting sessions (usually as follow-up to our energy assessments) to activate talent, foster potential, innovate employee benefit, and optimize engagement through one-on-one or group sessions. 

Organizational transformation: For organizations that seek to implement future-readiness or change initiatives, or enterprise-wide strategic paradigm shifts, we offer, support, and scale organizational transformation programs that will help close the gap between people and strategy. 

M&A integration: We offer “People and Team Due Diligence” programs to anticipate, plan, and optimize post-merger integration of people and culture (sometimes pre M&A, in a preemptive manner) to ensure post M&A success.

ENERGIZE workforce, organizational culture, and growth momentum

With TEP’s high-impact, tailor-made, and scalable approaches – a la carte or integrated – we guarantee maximum effectiveness of our methodology for interventions, for yourself as a leader, your top leadership or management teams, across various departments, and throughout your entire organization.

The TEP team also helps organizations to implement specific programs for employee retention, talent strategy, and organizational development, after deploying a tailor made program that meets your specific needs. We also help with deep and wide organizational transformations to reach your desired future-state.

Speaking engagements, workshops, and training sessions – TEP offers a new Lens and a different perspective

Both TEP’s HR consulting and management consulting teams offer speaking engagements, workshops, and training sessions. TEP inspires and motivates leadership and workforce to adopt a different approach to work and workplace. TEP provides a new lens and a new perspective that empower organizations to shift from friction to flow.

Speaking & Keynotes: For decision-makers, through inspirational presentations, thought- provoking speaking engagements, and to-the-point keynotes.

Workshops: First-hand insight and tangible experience into the energy levels of organizations, the undercurrents, as well as inner workings through guided workshops, suitable for groups of up to thirty decision-makers.

Training sessions: Targeted training in areas of candidate interviewing, communication, periodic reviews, energetic leadership and understanding team dynamics for managers and team leaders.

Show up, step up, light up – fully Activate, energize, & future proof your organization

In person or online, on site or remotely via Zoom, tap into TEP’s gold mine of resources to set your people up for lasting Success. It is time to SHOW UP, STEP UP and LIGHT UP.

TEP has a proven recipe for activating your human capital, harmonizing the energy in your teams, and transforming friction to flow within your organization.

As part of the Human Potential Movement, we operate at the intersection of talent management, talent acquisition, organizational development and East-West psychology. We provide innovative solutions to people-related opportunities and challenges within organizations, teams and for individuals. Together, we can change culture and vibe, and activate human potential that stands in between strategy and performance.

Contact us today to discuss the energy of your organization and learn how we can help you.

Please make an appointment at:  https://tep.global/contact-us/

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