Dr. Vic of TEP.Global, top people strategist, on executive recruiting for venture backed startups, and VC or PE portfolio companies' scaling, M&A, turnaround.

Executive recruiting for venture-backed startups

Executive recruiting for venture-backed startups

By Dr. Vic | Jul 20th, 2023 | Executive recruiting, | 0 Comments

Executive recruiting for venture backed startups, companies in PE or VC portfolios, and companies going through M&A or turnaround – Dr. Vic, TEP.Global.

The startup world always has a big appetite for high-performing executives such as CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, chief growth officer, etc. Venture-backed startup executives, in addition to surviving multiple rounds of funding with proven results, must build upon and/or transition from the original founders’ visions for the startups, to scale successfully with new executive teams who are often not the original founders’ teams. 

These unique challenges apply to funded startups in both traditional industries, manufacturing, professional services, as well as in high tech sectors such as software, SaaS, AI, hardware, finTech, healthcare, medical devices, and consumer e-commerce retail.

When VC or PE portfolio companies need to use talent experts such as TEP.Global

As a startup is fast growing, there often comes a time when an initial family-and-friend team starts to show signs of underperformance or even incompetence. 

But early stage startups usually don’t have a fully developed HR system or internal executive recruiters to support the growing demand for talent. To achieve growth goals, having an experienced executive recruiting agency like TEP.Global to find, vet, and onboard senior executives in a timely fashion is critical. Delays can frustrate and hinder strategic scaling initiatives and the ability to raise subsequent rounds of investment capital. Many startups fail at this critical phase before reaching B or C rounds and never take off.

Some of the other scenarios are pre, during, and post M&A, and in a business turnaround, when an external executive recruiter can help private equity and venture capital firms with executive and human capital placement. These situations call for different types of leaders befitting new business models, structures, and cultures.  Experienced executive recruiting agencies like TEP.Global can set up people strategies and implement them for companies going through M&A or a business turnaround.

Another common situation calling for external recruiters arises when a leader in the C-suite, often the CEO, is unfit, either due to a lack of specialized competencies, or character defects. Narcissistic leadership is prevalent to the point that about one in five CEOs have psychopathic tendencies, according to Inc. Magazine.  When a leader is found to be often bullying, lying, breaking rules, and lacking empathy, it is time to find a replacement before the cancer takes down morale, productivity, cultural health, employee engagement and retention, profits, even derailing the entire organization.

For late stage startups approaching IPO, recognized top talent in leadership teams drive higher valuations, leading to higher stock prices upon going public. It is in the best interest of both the startups and the VC firms to continue their partnership with executive recruiting services and search firms like TEP.Global, as the startups are scaling.

TEP Approaches to Executive recruiting for VC or PE backed startups

More than the traditional tools for executive recruiting, such as using data analytics, investigative expertise, etc.,  TEP.Global combines many areas of expertise to ensure the best fit in a timely fashion, to Identify, evaluate, and recruit talent that can fuel startups’ growth.

We first seek to understand a company’s unique value propositions, culture, and communicate its differentiators to the candidates. 

More than merely sourcing talent, we support and complement a company’s business goals with people strategies

TEP.Global goes above and beyond talent acquisition  —  we stay the course to make sure it works between the new leaders and those they lead, with talent optimization consulting.

Elevate your leadership, team, and organizational performance 

Continuous mentoring, coaching, and training executives is key to leadership success and for return on investment. TEP.Global has unique ways to set both the leaders and their teams for success, with cutting edge thought leadership and insights.

 As long term talent partners with PE firms and their portfolio companies, we proactively help companies with people strategies for talent acquisition and retention. We move the needle in aligning a particular company’s growth goals to executive recruitment and leadership development. 

Known for talent assessment expertise and for energizing leadership and workplace, TEP.Global advises leadership and organizations on building a thriving company culture based on transparency and communication.

TEP.Global is a long term partner with PE and VC backed startups in executive recruiting, people strategies, and talent retention

Private equity firms and their portfolio companies require top-performing executives to create value and success for their investors.  We help VC backed startups identify, attract, recruit, and retain full-time, fractional, or interim executives, and develop winning teams.

As startups develop technology and products, open up markets, and experience high growth, we meet challenges for developing people-centric human capital, to secure the best-fit talent whose passion, experience, and skillset will realize business and organizational goals.

Please contact us at https://tep.global/contact-us/

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